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New Treatment for Enlarged Prostate

Rezūm water vapor therapy is a treatment for an enlarged prostate is performed in our clinic. The treatment delivers targeted, controlled doses of thermal energy in the form of water vapor to the region of the prostate that is causing symptoms

Peezing? Visit our Bladder Team

Do you accidentally leak when you sneeze? You may be a Peezer AND you are not alone, it is called stress incontinence and it happens more than you think especially in women. It happens during physical movement or activity — such as coughing,

FREE PSA Screenings for Police and Firefighters

Starting March 1, Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition (GPCC) is expanding its free prostate cancer screenings to all Georgia Police and Firefighters.  Urology groups offering free PSA testing in the Rome, Albany, Atlanta and Columbus areas will be

Vasectomy Madness in March!  

Thinking about getting a vasectomy but also want to watch the March Madness Basketball games?  March is a popular time for vasectomy procedures, presumably from men who want to recover with guilt free sitting for the NCAA March Madness

Now Accepting Pediatric Patients

Urology Center of Columbus is available to diagnose, treat, and care for infant and children’s urinary and genital problems. The most common pediatric urologic condition is urinary tract infection. If a child has more than one UTI then he or she