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Preparing for Your Visit

Urology Center of Columbus continuously strives to make our patient’s experience a positive one. In preparation of your visit to UCC, please make note of the following:

  • We ask that you pre-register prior to your appointment. Failure to pre-register could significantly delay your appointment or result in a cancellation. Please call the office at (706) 324-7700 to register. Please have your insurance card(s) available at the time you call. Urology Center of Columbus can mail, email or fax (706-596-5810) your paperwork to you or you can print your forms online at www.harperurology.com. If possible please submit your paperwork prior to your appointment.
  • Insurance Card(s)/Photo ID: Please bring your insurance card(s) and drivers license with you at the time of your appointment. We will need to make a copy of them. Your insurance card(s) and photo ID will be required at every visit for a new or established patient.
  • Co-payments/Deductibles/Coinsurance: Are due when service is rendered at each visit. You will be asked to pay your co-pay at check in. We do accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.
  • Referrals: It is also the responsibility of the patient to ensure that referrals (if required by your insurance) are also obtained prior to your appointment. Your appointment will be rescheduled without your referral.
  • Medications: Please bring any medications and over the counter medications (vitamins, etc) that you are currently taking with you.
  • Medical Records: It is also critical for our providers to have any lab test, x-rays, medical notes that pertain to your visit. Please have your physician send copies of all your records prior to your appointment if possible.

New patients making their first visit to Urology Center of Columbus are requested to arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment to ensure that all information needed is obtained prior to your appointment. You may still have to fill out additional forms or provide further information at the time of your exam. If you did not pre-register or fill out your new patient paperwork prior to your appointment you will need to arrive at least 45 before your scheduled appointment.

We will be collecting a urine specimen, so we suggest you drink fluids right before your appointment to make it easier to obtain.

Please call (706) 324-7700 if you have any questions about your instructions.

We request at least 24 hour notice of any cancellation. Urology Center of Columbus will charge a no show fee on appointments missed without a 24 hour notice.